How Printing Methods Have Changed

Envelope Printing
Printing is a process that involves reproducing images and text on paper using ink. The process itself has evolved over a period of time to become what it is today. Some methods originated back in 3500 BC in Mesopotamia where cylinder seals and other related stamp seals were first used. In 200 AD wood printing came into existence and examples of the same were found in Egypt and China. The rest as they say is history. Given below are some top methods that were invented over the years.

Movable type:

Movable type printing involves using movable pieces of metal which allows for more flexibility than block printing or hand copying. This method was developed around the mid-15th century and the first system was created in China and it was made out of porcelain. With further innovations durable systems were made out of wood and then cooper and bronze.

Printing Press:

Johannes Gutenberg invented the afamous press, which use the movable type page setting and it made printing faster and durable. The metal type pieces used here were more robust than the ones used in the system earlier and this led to the letters being more uniform, which in turn paved way to fonts and typography. All the movable type printing that is done today derives from Gutenberg's innovations and it is hailed one of the most important innovations in the field of printing services. Following this innovation in 1843 the rotary press was invented which allowed printing on continuous rolls of paper using impressions on a cylinder.

Offset printing:

Offset method is a modern technology and is used across the world these days. In this unique technique, an inked image is offset or transferred from a plate to rubber blanket which is then transferred to the surface. These days most newspapers and books are printed using the offset techniques.

Thus printing methods have changed from the initial wood/block printing to the modern day offset printing. These days commercial printers have much more options in terms of printing methods depending on the surface that they want to print on.


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