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One way to show love to your children is to make their own children's book; and they also will love to have one made by their parents. A personalized children's book is not just a great way to show love to your children, but it can also be a unique and special gift that you can give to your friends and relatives. And who knows? This can be your stepping stone to be a successful author one day. Though it sounds difficult but children book printing is actually fun and easy to work on, if you can follow some guidelines.

You can start by directing a story in your mind and create the characters that you think your children will love. You can imagine the illustration and draw it if you can. Perhaps the only problem now is to know how you will be able to materialize it.

You really do not have to have the best equipment to start off. All you basically need is a computer where you can start typing your story and insert pictures of characters and the scenes. It is however recommended to finish the whole story first in typing before you start drawing or insert pictures to complete the whole thing. This will make it easier for you to work on the most appropriate images for your pages. Make sure that there are no grammatical errors and spelling errors before you can finally say that you are done.

You also have to plan well on how much content should come in one page. You can either do this on your computer, where one word page is equivalent to one page of the book, or you can use a blank notebook and work on the actual pages of it by pasting the text and images.

You should only use larger fonts to make easier for the young ones to read it. You also have to think twice before choosing the words; never use those words which are not appropriate for a young mind.

You can take the print either locally or you can look out for book printing services. Do proper search before picking up any such service; and let them know that this is not a simple book printing, but the print should be able to produce vibrant colors and clear images which is usually the first thing that captures the eyes of children.


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