Printing Services India - Old and New Techniques

The printing services industry has undergone a lot of changes especially in the techniques and methods used for printing. Today, owing to the kind of innovation that has taken place in this industry there are different techniques available for different purposes. The changes in this service industry has been mainly driven by the introduction of newer technologies.

Large volume printing came into existence owing to the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg. This press was based on the invention of the movable system where in the press made use of a movable type page setting. Post this invention with the introduction of newer technologies, numerous other techniques came into existence and today customers have a variety of options that they can choose from depending on various factors such as the purpose, the budget, the time frame and the material.

One of the most commonly used techniques these days is the offset printing technique. This is just the perfect method for mass printing and is used for newspapers and magazines. What makes this method cost effective for bulk printing is the fact that it makes use of very little ink. The ink is first applied to the metal plates with the matter which is then transferred onto the medium which is mostly paper.

Some of the other forms of printing that have evolved over a period of time are digital, electrostatic and 3D printing.

Digital printing:

Digital printing refers to the various methods used to print information from a digital medium. As far as digital printing is concerned professionals make use of high volume inkjet or laser printers to print. When compared to offset method, digital printing does have a higher cost per page however this cost is balanced out by saving the cost that printers would have incurred in offset printing while preparing the plates. Digital printing also ensures quick turnaround and printers can also modify the image with each print if required. It also saves on manual labour cost.

3D printing:

3D printing is the latest technology in printing services wherein this method tries to make a 3D solid object from a digital file. This technology is also known as additive manufacturing. This technology is mainly used in areas such as industrial design, jewellery, medical and dental industries, footwear, engineering, architecture, education civil engineering and others.

These are some of the old and new techniques used by service provides these days.

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