Packaging Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry Box
Packaging jewelry boxes are ideal for gift giving particularly on special occasions. Whether you are in the business of selling jewelry or buying a single item for your loved ones, it is important that you place the jewelry in an attractive box. The right packaging box will add more charm to the jewel concealed inside and will surely delight the receiver of the gift. You don't have to enclose the jewelry item in any fancy gift wrapper, so long as the jewelry box looks beautiful, refined, and made from the finest materials.

There are many varieties of packaging jewelry boxes you can find in stores nowadays. Wooden boxes are among the most common, often polished to reveal a pretty, exterior shine. The interior of the box is often made from satin, silk, or suede. Often the boxes come in a variety of shapes such as square, rectangle, and diamond. Often, these wooden boxes are also combined with leather, while there are also pure leatherette boxes in various shapes and colors. Furthermore, there are also boxes which are purely made from suede from the inside out, and are often available in a wide variety of shades. Hard paper jewelry boxes are also common, yet more affordable options.

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Catalog Printing In Marketing and Advertisement

Catalog Printing
Marketing and advertisement can either enhance or bring down your business. This is why businessmen spend lots of cash in designing marketing and advertisement campaigns. Today, the world is embracing advanced technologies and it has made things simpler when it comes to promoting your products and services. Catalog printing is an effective marketing strategy that enables you to get the best returns out of your investment. This is based on the fact that catalogs have a great impact in small and large businesses.

Quality exposure
Catalog printing is ideal for marketing and advertisement because it allows for quality exposure. You can display a wide range of products and services on your catalogs efficiently and cost effectively. More importantly, there is room to include all the information pertaining to your products and services on the catalogs. Therefore, consumers will always benefit from factual and well researched information on your products and services. They will learn of the features of the products they wish to buy, cost and benefits of using the product. This enhances your advertisement and enables you to save a great deal on time and cash.

Customized marketing approach
Catalog printing enables you to benefit from a customized marketing approach. This is vital based on the fact that every business needs an ideal and the right marketing approach for it to achieve a cutting edge against relevant competitors. You only need to define your needs and design an excellent advertisement message that works best for your business. Understand the needs of your target prospects and ensure the information you provide on the catalog is understandable and appealing to them. This will make the advertisement more effective and it helps to enhance productivity and profitability in your business.

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Booklet Printing Made Easy

Booklet Printing
By default, printing with fewer costs in mind will automatically reduce the number of options you must decide on before ordering your booklet printing. You can still pick and choose to attain a happy medium for the overall quality. However, the more basic you keep the entire package, the less you'll have to deal with at the outset.

Layout : There are two ways to go about this when dealing with online booklet printing companies. One is to take advantage of their free templates. It's easier than ever to add your own photos, designs, color schemes and body copy precisely where you want it. Otherwise you can always hire out to a professional writer or graphic designer This will guarantee you a no-hassle, effective content strategy.

Dissemination : This is the part where most people don't think things through. Will it be enough to simply leave your custom booklets out for the taking at your store or some other public venue? Or should you be thinking bigger? It's best to find an online printer that does direct mailing too.

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Cardboard Boxes: Different Types Of Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Box
There is much more to a cardboard box than one might realize. These prefabricated boxes come in many types and within industry, they are not referred to using the term "cardboard" because that does not denote their material composition. Cardboard is used to refer to different paper-type materials like corrugated fiberboard, paperboard, recycled, and card stock. Getting a brief education on box materials allows consumers to know exactly what they are using.

Corrugated fiberboard consists of one or two flat linerboards encasing a fluted corrugated sheet. This paper-based material is used to manufacture shipping containers and corrugated boxes. The linerboard and corrugated sheet are made from containerboard, which is a paper-like material measuring more than 0.01 inches thick. custom corrugated cardboard boxes originated in the mid-19th century and were initially used to package pottery and glass containers.

Paperboard is usually 0.01 inch thicker than paper. ISO standards designate paperboard as paper with more than a 224 g/m basis weight, with exceptions. Paperboard can be single ply or multi-ply and is lightweight and easy to form and cut. Since it is strong, it is useful as packaging material. The first carton made from paperboard was produced in England in 1817. By the 1860s, folding cartons were available and by 1974, ovenable paperboard had been discovered.

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How to Use Greeting Card Printing Effectively

Birthday Greeting Card
Greeting card printing comes in all types of formats so you can cover all the bases whenever you need to establish customer relationships that last. Businesses everywhere thrive on creating those crucial ties by way of cards that puts a smile on everyone's face and shows them that they're truly appreciated. Often time online printers can even directly mail them to your customers or party attendees. Either way, here are a few avenues worth checking out when you're considering high-quality printing for your next move.

Store Promotions

Many companies keep up with their customers by offering cards as a form of promotion. Advertise for an upcoming sale, dish out a few coupons to your loyal shoppers or attach some other form of savings to get people through your doors. People love to have something tangible that's both brightly colored and reflects your business values well. Card printing does just the trick.

Appointment Reminders

Think of a time you might have lost your appointment card from a local salon, dentist or chiropractor. Card printing is perfect for preventing that sort of thing from happening again. As a slightly larger substitute to their smaller cousins, greeting cards can be folded or flat, making it less likely to get lost in a wallet or purse. Help your customers keep their lives organized by printing greeting card reminders.

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Helpful Sticker Printing Ideas

Sticker Printing
Stickers are fondly remembered by kids, and the young-at-heart, as amusing novelties, but these novelty items are more useful than you're inclined to think. They're practically used in a wide range of advertising endeavors, and any business seeking cost-effective marketing mediums will be amazed at the versatility of these properties. Sticker printing items can serve as long-lasting promotional resources. A sticker's versatility as well as durability allows businesses to make use of their features in any way that they see fit. The profitable advantages you can obtain from sticker products are merely limited to what you've planned along with the budget that you've allotted for producing it.

An ideal sticker piece is basically featured by sharp, images that can easily be viewed and is considerably discernible even from afar, besides being thoroughly legible, when examined at close range. Due to its highly adaptable nature, stickers can readily be posted around a wide variety of surfaces, and can be removed at will, too. Some of the most common surroundings where you will most likely find stickers include walls and display windows. Professionals typically adorn these sections with sticker ads announcing any best-selling products or introduce any upcoming commodities and services originating from your shop or business.

Additionally, emergency notifications as well as pressing announcements are prominently displayed from these labeled intermediaries. Second are schools or any academic establishments. Stickers are a favourable means of showing your academic lineage, and by fastening your alma mater stickers to various items and valuable possessions that you have, you are subsequently more likely to find interesting contacts that are linked to your academy or university. On the other hand, you may yet convince people to your charitable cause and consequently gain more assistance from potential converts by employing sticker printing services to promote your philanthropic organization. Moreover, passionate fans of any noteworthy sports team or band can advocate their revered organizations by distributing stickers amongst fellow enthusiasts.

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Online Digital Photo Printing

Digital Photo Printing
People are crazy for digital cameras nowadays. Almost everyone wishes to buy a digital camera with which they can capture the best, unforgettable moments of life. We go for picnics, we celebrate our birthdays and anniversaries, we commence some new things, we organize functions and parties etc. etc. While doing all these things we have a main motto in mind and that is to enjoy and be happy. But all these moments are onetime events and we cannot go in the flash back again to enjoy that again. Neither of these moments is repeated in life again. Each and every event has its different memories. To preserve them we capture these moments in a camera in the form of photographs.

Make your digital photos into cool memories. you can order & print digital photos online & get delivered anywhere in India that will be cherished for years to come. You will in no time have great prints to smile at. We use high quality paper to print your pictures with the choice of gloss or matte surface. The print sizes available are PC, 4x6, 5x7, 6x8 8x10, 8x12, 10x12, 16x20 and 20x30 inches. The pictures are professionally enhanced for more lively and vivid colours.

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Postcards Printing

Postcards Printing

Custom Postcard are one of the most frequently requested products that we produce. Postcards are one of the most useful tools for marketing a business and they can be used to convey an image or idea within the first few seconds of viewing. Postcard Printing IndiaPostcards are effective because the recipient doesn’t have to open an envelope to see message from the sender. Direct mail postcards are inexpensive to print and the postage is low, or hand them out at your next convention of set them on the storefront counter to advertise your monthly promotion.

Postcards can be used for a variety of purposes including Appointment Cards, Event Reminders and Promotional Mailings. Our standard postcards are produced on high quality 300gsm white art card printed to a finished size of A6 (148.5 x 105mm). Postcards can be either Unlaminated or Gloss Laminated for extra impact. They are printed with a full colour front and either an unprinted reverse, or a reverse printed in black or full colour.

Postcards Details. Postcards printed on

Size: 4" x 6", 5" x 7", 5" x 8", 6" x 9" and 6" x 11" formats (flat card)
Paper Stock : 300 gsm gloss/matt card stock
Fabrication : Gloss/ Matt Lamination is suggested
Ready for despatch within 3-5 days
Printing option:
Full-color both sides;
color outside,
black- and-white inside; or color outside, blank inside

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Newsletter Printing Services India

Newsletter Printing

Printing Custom Newsletters is a great way for organizations to keep their employees or members up-to-date on news and events. Printed color newsletters are based on 11" x 17" paper folded in half, with each sheet producing four pages. Pages are increased in multiples of four to a maximum of 32 pages. Design Concepts is a leading commercial printing company and provides a complete range of printing services including electronic pre-press, up to five-color printing and post-press capabilities.

Newsletter Printing Details. Newsletter printed on

Size: 11"x8.5", any other special size.
Paper Stock : For Cover :300 gms gloss/matt card stock / *Self cover
Paper Stock : For Text (Inner) Pages :
80, 90, 100, 110, 130, 170gsm in Matt / Gloss coat
Binding: Centre Pinning
Fabrication : Gloss/ Matt Lamination is recommended
Ready for despatch within 5-7 days
Printing option:
Full-color both sides;
color outside; black- and-white inside; or two color inside or color outside, special color inside

Self Cover means the inside pages are printed on the same paper as the outside cover sheet. An Economy version can be requested with Color Printing on the cover and Black ink only on the inside pages; please email the details and quantity for pricing. 

Do you need Design assistance? We can help you layout your Appointment Cards from your design files, or we can design the entire project based on your supplied content. Email the details of your request for pricing. 

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Print A Professional Magazine For Your Business

Magazines Printing
Though magazines serve different purposes, it is important that you find a focal point for your publication. If you are an enterprise looking to expand and promote your business then your focus should be something related to your products and services. If you are a businessman who wants to get into publishing then find the best subject for you to center on. The next important aspect of making a quality magazine is the content. The content should be written in an easy and contemporary style keeping up with the lingo of the times. Otherwise your magazine will come out stiff and uninteresting even with an excellent magazine printing quality.

How to make it better?

First, print professional magazine with a strong, catchy name. The team of experts can help you come up with an awesome magazine title. Your magazine's name stands for what your magazine is all about so if you want your readers to take you seriously make sure your magazine's title does not sound lame too. Give utmost care to your cover pictures. There will be many hours spent deliberating how the cover will look like. Remember that the magazine cover is your primary sales person therefore an unattractive cover image will absolutely be passed up by potential readers.

The quality of paper is a very relevant to have professional magazine. There are several paper qualities you can choose from, but the only concern here is your budget. Just remember that the more expensive your paper is you may have to raise your budget too. Therefore, you need to work something out with the printing company so you can still get the best paper quality at the most reasonable cost. Make reading pleasurable by getting your content organized. You already know the importance of quality content in every publishing material but aside from that, to print professional magazine all the write ups must be organized in its proper categories too. Nothing can turn off a reader more than a disorganized magazine.

Now you can focus on other important aspects of your business and assign the job of printing magazine to professionals.

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Paper Box Printing And Designing

Packaging Boxes Printing

Paper box printing services is an ideal destination if you are looking for peerless Paper Box Printing services. We offer Paper Box Printing services that include the designing and printing of paper boxes in the most exclusive way. Our domain experts are highly experienced who incorporate their skills with latest technology to deliver dependable Paper Box Designing services. With our expertise and professionalism in this province, we have carved a niche as one of the leading providers of paper box designing And printing services in india.

We offer paper boxes printing service for carton boxes. These boxes are used in garmet industry, footwear industry, pharma industry, textile industry. Peper boxes supplier is done as per the requirement of the client.

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Booklet Printing Profitable to Your Business

Booklet Printing

Different business owners have to create different ideas to make it suitable for their kinds of businesses. For example, if you have a business of crockery and kitchen appliances, you have to develop an idea suitable to this line. You can make a booklet containing different recipes including the local recipes, which may require a visit to your shop to get certain ingredients or appliances. You must make the booklet interesting to include various kinds of descriptive recipes and include your advertisements with details. The material should be colorful and catchy in appearance to an ordinary customer.


Distribution of booklets is the next important part of the project. Your entire investment may give you handsome returns if you can plan the distribution of your booklets properly. Here, create an arrangement with a local soft drink or ice-cream parlor to distribute your booklets to all his customers. Your booklets will be circulated very well in the vicinity and to the people who visited the area recently.


You will definitely find a positive trend in your business. It is time that you invest in booklet printing without wasting any time and make further business profits.

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Tips for Successful Book Printing

Book Printing
Books are our companion in every stage of life. Some people like books so much that they spend hours and hours reading it. In books, it is not only the content that matters, outer covering and print of the book also play an important role in bringing compliments to it. To print and give fascinating looks to your raw pages, there are so many companies worldwide that offer world-class service. You can get your book printed by them at affordable prices. But every process needs some precautions to move ahead successfully. Here we are going to give you some very useful tips for book printing.

Here are some  tips for successful book printing.

  1. Do an extensive research on internet to find a reliable publication source. This is very important. If you will search, you will find different companies have different rates. Go for the one which fits your budget but never ever compromise with quality.
  2. Once you are with your publisher and printer, decide about the size of book first. There are various sizes available like handbooks, manuals, mass markets etc. Choose size which enhances the appeal of the book.
  3. Your printer will ask you about the type of printing you want for your pages. He will give you different options like offset, lithography and digital. You can choose one that suits your budget.
  4. Check the quality of papers as most of the book printer try to make their money at this point. Ask them to use good quality paper for printing.
  5. Formatting is again an important part of printing. It makes books attractive and fascinating. Sometimes some odd spaces, in correct margins, strange fonts can spoil its look. So be careful when you decide the different formatting styles.
  6. Now comes the binding part which will give the book its complete form. There can be different type of binding like spiral, pamphlet, saddle stitched, perfect, comb, lay flat binding and many more. Choose according to your preference and budget.
  7. Go for print on demand services which mean that printer will print copies only when ordered by the customer. You won't have to get your books printed in large number unnecessarily. This helps in saving lot of money and time.
  8. Even after everything is finalized in front of you, you should ask them for a sample copy first before printing the complete order. This is because sometimes by looking at the sample copy you may click some new ideas to make it better and more attractive.

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