Textbook Printing: The Pros and Cons of Printed Textbooks

Printed textbooks are still widely used these days despite the fast-increasing popularity of e-books and other non-traditional forms of books. The use of traditional books still creates ambivalent feelings especially among college students. While many are embracing the emergence of electronic versions of reference materials, there are still loyal users of the conventional versions of books.

Whether students like it or not, traditional textbooks are still here to stay. Printed books may be losing its popularity among several students, but still demand for those remain high. There is still an ongoing debate whether those will be made fully obsolete and replaced by e-books or whether non-traditional books will be made the new standard. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of printed textbooks.

Traditional books can be easily found and bought as those are readily available in bookstores. Through the years, there have been improvements on how to find and buy the items, to the convenience of students. The books will not have format compatibility issues, which are typical in e-books. In general, these textbooks are also relatively cheaper especially if students will purchase second-hand copies or will just rent.

In terms of the reading process, printed textbooks do not cause eyestrain. That is because the pages are printed in paper, which does not emit light or radiation. This is also the reason the books enable readers to keep on reading even for longer durations.

It is usually bothersome for many students to carry with them several books every time. Many printed textbooks are thick and heavy, carrying two or more at the same time can be tiring and physically challenging. Certainly, many college students dislike the idea of always having to carry their books when they go around the campus. E-books are more convenient in this regard. Logically, anyone can store hundreds of e-books at the same time even into a small tablet PC or e-book reader.

As mentioned, these textbooks are printed in paper. Thus, light source is considered a necessity when reading books. Thus, there are times of the day when reading printed textbooks may be difficult and even impossible without any light on. And who can forget the fact that printed books are less environmentally friendly? Each year, thousands of trees are cut down in the US alone to manufacture paper that will eventually be used for printing out school textbooks .

Technology has already changed peoples lives in so many different ways. With the popularity of eBook readers and smartphones, education is also being changed - from a printed book mentality, to a digital textbook one.


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