Why is CD printing is being preferred in India?

We must have seen CD levels with reduced quality and amateur sense of layout being glued in a CD. Those cannot be considered professional at all. What is advocated now-a-days is silkscreen or offset printing. . The printing is done on the other side of the data CD-R. Companies like Ritek and Prodisc offers it clients with excellent quality in the CR-R media. Companies in India also provide both offset and inkjet printing on the same disk.

Most companies ask to book a white area or just a white stripe for inkjet printing. You can find both cheap and expensive ways of printing in the market. Cheap printing uses cheap quality inkjet printer and print an individual name or just convention artwork on one side of the disk. But when its comes to quality viewing, you should always opt for screen printing pre-printed CDs. In this way you can be positive about the output being strikingly professional.

Another way which companies exercise to cut down expenses is the use of inexpensive printers but high quality inkjet to prints logos or names on the disk and finally offset printed.

You can always use these tips to extend your business and to give your income a boost!

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