Envelope Printing Services, Business Envelope Printing

Envelope Printing
Envelopes are generally used to enclose small flat items, especially letters for mailing. An envelope is a wrapping, a flat container for the documents, bunch of papers and for thin packages etc. we are committed to offering the finest envelop printing services at reasonable prices. A well-designed and printed envelope plays a significant role in creating your business identity.

Some of the major benefits of printing envelops with Business cards India are as follows:
  • Quick pricing for your envelop printing.
  • High quality one, two or four colors envelop printing.
  • Affordable prices.
  • A wide range of designs and patterns to choose from.
  • On time delivery.
  • Digital and offset printing options.
  • Complete satisfaction.
We provide premium quality envelop printing services in a wide variety of sizes, colors and patterns to our clients in India and across the globe. We are specialize in making different types of sizes of envelopes at very reasonable prices.

Details of our Envelope printing services :
  • Envelop printing with different standard size options.
  • Different open sides envelop printing.
  • Window envelop or standard envelop printing.
  • Laminated outer side and inner side envelop printing.
We provides a wide variety of business envelops such as, commercial envelopes, window envelopes, self-sealing envelopes and business reply envelopes to its clients in India and across the globe.

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Stapled Catalog Printing Services

Catalog Printing
If you are considering using catalog printing to promote your products and services, knowing what is involved in catalog printing will help you to be better prepared. Without a plan, catalog printing can be so exhausting that you may never get started. Follow the steps below to make your catalog printing project go smoothly, and be a success!

Know your Audience

The important decisions can be more easily made when you understand your audience and who your potential readers may be. You should already know whether you are going to market products to other businesses or market to consumers. Choosing the style involves first knowing your audience so that each design element can be tailored to their needs and motivations. Next, be sure your company has a strong brand image, and design your catalog to match your branding. Consumers should be able to glance at your printed catalog, and know who you are, and what you are selling.

Graphic Design
It’s always a good idea to hire a graphic designer with experience in catalog design. You should be sure to tell your designer who your audience is, and explain your branding strategy so that the designer can produce catalog printing that will meet your expectations. Consulting with a designer ahead of time will increase your chances of having your catalog ready to deliver by the deadline. The entire process could take several months when you consider how long it takes to do photography, design, printing, and mailing.

Catalog Printing
Find a reputable online printing company since they can offer the highest quality at the lowest possible costs. Make sure that they can print the type of catalog printing that you need. Another consideration: when you are choosing a catalog printing company, select one that can mail or ship directly from their warehouse to addresses from a list you provide.

The key to a smooth catalog printing process is simply sitting down and developing/following a plan. Being prepared will help you to avoid the major catalog printing pitfalls.

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The Process of Brochure Printing

Brochure Printing
When it comes to brochure printing and mailing, there are a few things you should consider for each phase of the creation process. Each phase is essential in order to have top quality materials for the promotion of your business. The result should be an attractive brochure with clear pictures and useful information. The first phase of the Brochure Printing Services campaign is the creation of the digital promotion material. Find experienced companies that offer you a wide range of options and services for professional results. All you have to do is to select images of a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, compose an interesting text and choose the perfect font. The last step is to select the most suited theme and template.

The Printing Phase

Brochure printing and mailing creates a connection between what your business offers and its target market. Brochures are the most commonly used promotion tools for both small and large businesses. They are usually printed in colors on glossy paper. However, if you want an elegant look, you can also choose a matte finish.

The Mailing Phase
Experienced companies can offer you the whole range of services, from the creation phase to the distribution phase. All you have to do is to send them your targeted list. Some companies even give you the option of buying a targeted list according to the company's profile and your area of interest. The most popular options include domestic, residential, commercial or foreign lists. Brochure printing and mailing through experienced companies represents the most affordable, time saving and cost effective way to increase your company's popularity.

What to Consider
All promotion materials are important because they become the identity of your company. This is why it should express the company's quality standards and the principles that apply in the making of the products or the delivery of its services. The role of the promotion campaign is to make the company known in the targeted area and to attract new clients. This is why it is important for the materials to be original, easy to remember and creative. Be sure to choose a theme and images that reflect the profile of your business.

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Visiting Cards Printing Services India

Business Visiting Card
Hand out your contact information with confidence or inform more people about your business with the right premium business card. These business cards are made of durable card stock and a matte finish. Your business card includes full-color front with a blank back side. Vertical layouts also available. For an additional cost, make a bigger impact by upgrading your premium business cards to premium matte, glossy or recycled paper stocks. Foil accents, full-color or black and white back side printing is also available. For a business card that truly stands out, upload your photo, logo or a complete design.

To increase business and personal contacts, it’s important to take your contact information on the road. Never leave your business card behind! Going to a trade show, marketing event or special function? Make sure you have always have extra business cards on hand. If you have a website, don’t forget to add the all important web address so people can start contacting you right away.

Advertisingssolutions.com offers a unique printing experience online. We extend facility of same day shipping, next day shipping & regular shipping to all our customers.

If you are a corporate having bulk requirements or customized printing order for publishing items, events etc, then simply register & log in to 'My Section' & fill 'Meet our representative' form, one of our marketing team member will be happy to help you by meeting you in person to discuss in detail about your requirements & to showcase you our recent work assignments.

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Business Card Printing Tips

Business Card Printing
Business cards are essential in today's dynamic and competitive business-world. They carry the name and contact information about a company or an individual. And it helps when the cards have a proper font, size and visual design. And it won't be an exaggeration to state that they work as silent sales-teams for you and your business. So, make sure you carry the cards with you while going for a business meeting. Also make it a point that the card has your name, contact information, and company's logo printed on it in a visually-appealing manner.

Don't compromise on the quality of business card printing service - Although there are many printing service providers in the market, it is best to hire the best in the industry. Almost all such printing companies have their online presence, so browsing and comparing their services is easy now. Yes, you would need to do an extensive market-research before you choose a particular manufacturer for your business-needs. Compare and choose the best.

With the recent technological advancement, one can now expect excellent business card printing service at a very competitive price-rate.

5 Tips You Can Use:

• Know what exactly you want on paper
• Know the budget
• Search for the well-known printing service-providers
• Compare the products and services on offer
• Choose the one which meets your needs in the best way

For more details visit Taxdeductionsnet.com

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Letterhead Printing Services India

Letterhead Printing
We offer a professional and cost effective in-house design service, if you do not have print ready artwork and would like us to design your letterheads from scratch, or copy an existing design in a print ready format, then you have come to the right place. The price and option to add this service to your order will be displayed at the bottom of the pricing table, for further information on our design service please read our print design page. Want to design your own artwork? No problem, download one of our free print templates.

Full Color Custom Letterhead
Make Overnight Prints your first choice for promotional letterhead printing. Printed on 70 Offset Opaque paper, your professional print letterhead will look and feel exceptional.

Design your own letterhead
We've made letterhead design easy! Upload your design for free or choose from 1000's of free letterhead templates. With a diversity of designs that range from Legal and Law firm, to Holiday Stationery, you're guaranteed to find the design that you need.

Premium Stationery - Fast Delivery
A custom letterhead and envelope says a great deal about who you are and what your business stands for. So don't settle for an inferior product! Start your design today and in just 1 day, you will receive your professional envelopes.

Printing Tips & Information

There is a growing number of printing companies advertising as being India based that are in fact operating/importing their print from Eastern Europe and Germany. Printing overseas enables these companies to offer very low prices, however, quality and customer service is almost always an issue. If your letterheads don't arrive, are damaged in transit or just poor quality then these companies are not covered by India law, using them is a big gamble! Rest assured, our print works is based in Shropshire, England and we will print your order to the highest standards.

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Flyers And Leaflets Printing

Leaflets Printing
Leaflets are a cheap and highly effective way of reaching your customers and keeping them informed about you and your offers. We offer a high quality leaflet printing service , a turnaround of 48 hours and even a choice between ‘regular’ and ‘eco printing' - the environmentally friendly print alternative. With all leaflets printed in-house, we're able to produce cheap leaflets without compromising on quality. Our leaflets are priced by print quantity and leaflet size: from A7 and A6, through to DL, A5 and A4. As you add or removing services – such as printing a proof – the overall price will adjust automatically. Then, to order a product, simply click on the quantity you require and it'll be added to your shopping basket. You can then continue browsing or checkout your order.

Flyers and leaflets have always been a good way of reaching target markets since the early days of printing when pamphlets were first printed and distributed. Hard copy, placed directly in the hands of your target market, may appear to be a labour intensive alternative to marketing online, but leaflet printing has proved time and time again to be an incredibly productive and cost effective marketing tool. There are many routes for distributing leaflets and although junk mail may have a bad name, a well-designed, well-written and well-printed leaflet is more likely to be pinned to a notice board than popped in a waste paper basket.

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Full Color Greeting Card Printing

Greeting Card Printing
Greeting cards are often employed as holiday marketing tools; but they can be used for so much more. The personal touch of a greeting card makes it an ideal medium for connecting with your customers on an emotional level – and many customers tend to purchase on emotion and justify with logic. Greeting cards are also part of a valid business strategy for boosting customer loyalty.

A variety of printing techniques can be employed to craft a greeting card that is both rich in character and endearing to your recipients. Folding, custom sizes, a foil stamp or die cut will enhance your greeting card and help it stand out from the competition. Produced on top-of-the-line digital and offset presses that undergo daily color calibration, we ensure that you receive the best possible greeting cards at an unbelievable price.

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Custom Notepads Printing

Notepads Printing
A personalized notepad is a great little advertising device. Take a look at what you have on your desk. Aside from the obvious computer, stacks of paper, maybe a mug of coffee and a few pens, odds are you have a notepad, memo pad or scratch pad. And it is probably from someone else's company. Each day you look at it, use it for a list of the day's events, jot down notes, stats or figures, you are reminded of that company's name and logo. It is like a small, practical billboard on your desk. Everyone appreciates a small, useful pad of paper. Your company name and logo gets attention every time it's used and one of those notes is passed along. "The business notepad is referred to almost daily, kept for 30 days or so and carries a high remembrance factor," says Elliott Black, a Northbrook, Ill., marketing consultant who specializes in small business marketing.

Keep the Design Simple
The key to printing custom notepads is restraint. Make them stand out but keep them simple. Provide your company name and logo at the top, phone number, address and website underneath; that's it. Notepads are a great prompt or reminder of YOUR company, and possibly just enough to stop a fickle customer from forgetting you, even for a moment. Don't clutter it up, or use up too much of that useful space with catch phrases, designs and borders. It is, after all, a notepad — but that prime real estate at the top is for your business information.

Layout Options
Laying out and printing a notepad or memo pad is very straightforward. Decide on an attractive size, how many pages per pad the total number of pads you want, how much space at the top of the page your information will cover, whether to use color or black ink only, and the type of writing paper. Common notepad sizes are 4.25" x 5.5", 4 x 6", 3.5" x 8.5", 5 x 7", 5.5 x 8.5" and up to 8.5 x 11". Pages per pad range from 25 to 100 or more, and some like to add distinctive details such as rounded corners. Choose easy-to-read fonts that are "sans serif," such as Impact, Arial, Myriad or Verdana, and use white paper — it is usually more cost effective, and shows off any kind of pen, pencil or marker.

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Popular Printing Methods

DTG Printing
Printing services have come a long way from its humble beginning with woodblock way back in 220 A.D. The invention of the press opened up several opportunities in the printing industry and with the advancement in technology; new and improved methods were developed. Today high quality printing is not just something that you can achieve on paper but also on a variety of materials as well as surfaces. The method of printing varies depending on the budget, the quality required, the material and the surface on which printing needs to be done. Given below are some of the popular methods used today.

Digital is one of the most popular methods of printing these days. Not only is it an effective but it is also faster when compared to other methods of printing like offset and the likes. In Digital printing you do not have to worry about preparing plates and films as a digital file is directly sent by the computer to the press which is used for printing. Digital printing can be used for various mediums ranging from plastic, to film to cloth. Owing to this fact digital printing is most sought after when time is of essence.

Offset or offset lithography is another common method that is used for bulk printing orders. In this method, the printing ink is used judiciously and it is a cost effective way especially for colour printing. Here, an inked image of what has to be printed is transferred from a metal plate to a rubber blanket and there on to paper. This type of printing is most commonly used for brochures, newspapers, magazines, CD covers and much more. So its quite popular in today's ara.

Screen is another form of printing that is commonly used. Here the ink is passed through a silk screen in traditional screen or stencil covered fabric or framed wire mesh in modern day screen printing and then onto the publishing medium. Screen printing is used only on certain surfaces or materials such as clothes, mugs, bottles, and other uniquely shaped objects where other methods take a back seat.

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Tips for Selecting Commercial Flyer Printing Services

If it is your first commercial flyer printing order then you might be confused about selecting the right services. There are many companies out there offering poor quality flyer printing services.

Ask for a template : Before giving a bulk order, request the flyer printing service to offer a template. This will give you an idea of the quality of flyer printing. Do not rely on words as each printer works in a different way.

Know about the inks : This depends on whether you need full color on both sides or not. If you choose the 4/4 option, you can have papers with full color on both sides. 1/0 means the paper will be black on one and blank on the other side. With the 4/1 option you can have full colour on one side and black on the other side. There are also metallic and magnetic inks which you can choose. Thus, know about the inks used for effective brochures that best fit your needs.

Type of the paper and the coating used : There are a variety of papers available for various flyer printing jobs. They generally vary in the thickness and the quality. Select the paper depending on the constraints such as the final weight of the booklet and the price of the paper. Finally, to make the brochure look attractive a shiny coating is applied. Generally, varnish, UV coating, spot varnish, aqueous coating, etc,. are used. UV coating is the preferred coating as it dries fast. Also know whether the coating is applied on one side or both sides.

Know the cost : The flyer printing costs can be reduced by making bulk orders. Make sure to order the least quantity the printer is ready to offer. If you are ordering below the minimum limit you will be paying more per piece. If you require very less number then go for a smaller press. Generally, huge printers set the minimum limit as 5000 pieces.

Know whether your order will be printed separately or as a gang run : In a gang run, multiple works are carried out on a single plate. As a result the flyer printing costs reduce greatly. However, you may have to compromise on the color quality.

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