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Printing services have come a long way from its humble beginning with woodblock way back in 220 A.D. The invention of the press opened up several opportunities in the printing industry and with the advancement in technology; new and improved methods were developed. Today high quality printing is not just something that you can achieve on paper but also on a variety of materials as well as surfaces. The method of printing varies depending on the budget, the quality required, the material and the surface on which printing needs to be done. Given below are some of the popular methods used today.

Digital is one of the most popular methods of printing these days. Not only is it an effective but it is also faster when compared to other methods of printing like offset and the likes. In Digital printing you do not have to worry about preparing plates and films as a digital file is directly sent by the computer to the press which is used for printing. Digital printing can be used for various mediums ranging from plastic, to film to cloth. Owing to this fact digital printing is most sought after when time is of essence.

Offset or offset lithography is another common method that is used for bulk printing orders. In this method, the printing ink is used judiciously and it is a cost effective way especially for colour printing. Here, an inked image of what has to be printed is transferred from a metal plate to a rubber blanket and there on to paper. This type of printing is most commonly used for brochures, newspapers, magazines, CD covers and much more. So its quite popular in today's ara.

Screen is another form of printing that is commonly used. Here the ink is passed through a silk screen in traditional screen or stencil covered fabric or framed wire mesh in modern day screen printing and then onto the publishing medium. Screen printing is used only on certain surfaces or materials such as clothes, mugs, bottles, and other uniquely shaped objects where other methods take a back seat.


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