Tips for Selecting Commercial Flyer Printing Services

If it is your first commercial flyer printing order then you might be confused about selecting the right services. There are many companies out there offering poor quality flyer printing services.

Ask for a template : Before giving a bulk order, request the flyer printing service to offer a template. This will give you an idea of the quality of flyer printing. Do not rely on words as each printer works in a different way.

Know about the inks : This depends on whether you need full color on both sides or not. If you choose the 4/4 option, you can have papers with full color on both sides. 1/0 means the paper will be black on one and blank on the other side. With the 4/1 option you can have full colour on one side and black on the other side. There are also metallic and magnetic inks which you can choose. Thus, know about the inks used for effective brochures that best fit your needs.

Type of the paper and the coating used : There are a variety of papers available for various flyer printing jobs. They generally vary in the thickness and the quality. Select the paper depending on the constraints such as the final weight of the booklet and the price of the paper. Finally, to make the brochure look attractive a shiny coating is applied. Generally, varnish, UV coating, spot varnish, aqueous coating, etc,. are used. UV coating is the preferred coating as it dries fast. Also know whether the coating is applied on one side or both sides.

Know the cost : The flyer printing costs can be reduced by making bulk orders. Make sure to order the least quantity the printer is ready to offer. If you are ordering below the minimum limit you will be paying more per piece. If you require very less number then go for a smaller press. Generally, huge printers set the minimum limit as 5000 pieces.

Know whether your order will be printed separately or as a gang run : In a gang run, multiple works are carried out on a single plate. As a result the flyer printing costs reduce greatly. However, you may have to compromise on the color quality.


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